Are You Ready TO build your first group coaching program and simplify your path to 6-figures & beyond?

Isn't it time you created an offer that provides the freedom you crave?

This is for you if you are a faith-fueled woman working too hard in your business and STILL not seeing the success you dream of. 

You are ready for an Inspired 6-Figure Offer if:

  • You're ready to be in control of building the income you desire without working more. #smarternotharder!
  • You want to create the time freedom you crave! Work anytime, anywhere, and YOU set the schedule! 
  • ​You desire consistent sales with an easy, repeatable, daily action plan that takes out the guesswork.
  • You want to build a business that provides the lifestyle you crave, allows you to give BIG to your favorite causes, pay off that crippling debt, and plan some fun memory-making adventures with the family.
  • ​ (Because when you have an offer that practically sells itself, you’re going to have a LOT more time and $ on your hands to do the things you want to do!)
  • ​You're ready to leave the doubt and overwhelm behind. #saygoodbyetoimpostersyndrome
  • ​You dream of creating an impact in your church, neighborhoods, and community.
  • ​You prioritize serving the Lord in the work that He has created for you to do and desire to give Him the glory through your obedience in action.
  • You know it's time to ​prove to the world that there is a better way to do business…..God’s Way!

Creating a 6-Figure Offer takes you from serving one-to-one to one-to-many.

While this may sound simple enough, we know from experience that it can be a long, lonely road without a proven formula to follow, feedback from experienced mentors, and continued support.
That's why we created
The Six Figure Offer is a hybrid group coaching program designed to offer you personalized 1-on-1 support, so you can free up your time, build a thriving business and create your own 6-figure framework… with a whole lotta love and support along the way.      
This isn't another fluffy "theory based approach." The Six Figure Offer Formula is a proven path to building a 6-figure business, the simple solution for getting more clients, and the faith-based belief you need to make a living doing what you love!

Women just like you are creating 6-Figure Offers of their own!...

"Thank you Heather Dollar and Cassie Kitzmiller for helping me take what was swirling in my head and gain clarity and confidence! The 1:1 calls were gold for me."
~Monique Horb Founder of Organize Your Chaos Community+Program
"Six Figure Offer has been more than helpful!
I am confident that I am looking at the long game now rather than “survival”. I am beyond thrilled I jumped on this opportunity!! Worth the investment!"
Alison Roe-Binge Eating Revolutionist
Let’s get real here…
Building a thriving and profitable business isn’t as easy as you thought it was going to be…. You knew it was going to be work, but no one prepared you for the never-ending marketing, social media nightmare, and countless nights spent awake brainstorming where your next paying clients are going to come from, & the doubt that sneaks in on whether you’re really cut out for running a business.

Building a successful 6-figure business is no walk-in-the-park, (we wish it were!) If you’re not careful, your business will start running you and your life instead of the other way around.

Maybe you’re brand new to this whole business-building craze and you feel like a chicken running around with your head cut off. There are a hundred different strategies to try, “guru’s” to follow, and channels to promote on. You are “working” from dawn to dusk, running your tail off, with no idea whether you’re making real progress or not.

Or, maybe you’ve grown your business out of those early stages of overwhelm and “shiny-object-syndrome”, but now you’re facing the fear of growing your business to the next level without leaving your kids to fend for themselves with pizza in front of the tv for dinner for the second time this week, the house falling down around your ears, and sending your hubby to voicemail for the 3rd time because your client call went long (yet again)....

Meanwhile, you’re scattering your time and focus between three different social media platforms, while trying to keep up with all the email sequences you’re supposed to have in place, while juggling three client calls around nap times, all while praying for a nap of your own! 
The hardest part of all….the constant hustle still hasn’t resulted in a full bank account or a roster full of happy clients.

It's time to build the business you know you're called to create!

You are feeling sick and tired of trying to finally get that “breakthrough” in your business that will set you up for that success that you know is possible, but you’re starting to lose hope.

The hours you’re working may be increasing, but your income is not keeping up. You know the Lord has called you to build a business that will bless your family and serve your clients in a real way, so why does it feel like you’re doing it all wrong?

What is the answer? Work even more hours? Pray harder? Throw in the towel and go back to your 9-5? Throw away the dreams that you’ve had on your heart since you were a little girl….

It seems like everywhere you look the world is telling you that all you have to do is hustle harder, work more, post everywhere, and POOF! You too can have a successful business while never having to work a day in your life!

By now you know that is not the reality. 

You are called to be a daughter of the King first,
a loving wife/mother second, 
and business owner third. 

That means your priorities are different from the ways of the world! You can’t continue to sacrifice your walk with the Lord and the caring of your family and loved ones to the pursuit of growing your business, and we don’t want you to! If nothing changes you know your family will pay the price or your business will be forced to close.

You need a plan to live a life that puts your faith and family first while running a successful and profitable business simultaneously, but right now that just feels like a fairytale…

Friend, we are here to make the 

But first....who are "We"?

"We" are your 6-Figure Offer Coaches, Cassie Kitzmiller and Heather Dollar!

Two Jesus-loving coaches who know what it’s like to try to do #allthethings. We know the struggles that come with growing an online business while raising a young family. Add to that keeping our faith and beliefs at the center of our lives and businesses and it can feel overwhelming!

Thankfully, God is so good and instead of throwing in the towel, he had us dig deep into the scriptures, and revealed a better understanding of how HE wanted us to run our businesses.

Once we started showing up and implementing those strategies, we finally started building successful businesses that fueled our passions and fed our families instead of sucking us dry.

We now know that in order to be successful God’s way, it is essential to build your business on a strong foundation, establish a Biblical success mindset, and structure your offer in a way that gets your clients INCREDIBLE results in less time and with WAY less screen time. (Ain’t nobody got time to spend every waking hour on social media!)

It is now our Mission to Make the Same Thing Possible for You!

Take just a minute to close your eyes and envision yourself as a successful business owner with the business of your dreams
Does your Dream Business Include:
A business that gives you the time and money freedom to design the life you want— and not the other way around? A business without both time and money freedom is just an expensive hobby!

Imagine building a business that leaves you full and over-flowing, not burned out and exhausted! Creating an Inspired Offer  allows you to focus on giving back and making a real difference!

Do you have a vision for your life that incorporates your business into the bigger plan that God has for you and your life? Your God-given vision is a big one and you’re committed to making it a reality #nomatterwhat!
You get to create the life you want with the Lord at the center! You get to do all this while still showing up for your audience, reaching new people, serving your clients at a high-level, and making that money without feeling icky!
Can you envision a minimum of 6-Figures rolling into your bank account every year from clients who love you?  Dream big and trust that you will not serve money, but use it as the tool it is to do great things for the Kingdom!
Do you see yourself mentoring and supporting other new business owners as they pursue their calling? Your success has the potential to impact so many more lives than you can imagine! It's time to Make a Change!

Let us Introduce......

This is your PROVEN FORMULA to elevate your offer from One-to-One to One-to-Many so you can simplify your path to 6-figures by serving more, making more and working less.

This isn’t another generic course that just tells you what to do without taking your unique business model and goals into consideration.

The Six-Figure Offer is an engaging, supportive, interactive program with targeted 1-on-1 coaching support that calls upon the wisdom of the Holy Spirit along with 2 faith-based business coaches, and a private community of fellow believers in business to give you the accountability, strategy, and framework needed to create your Inspired 6-Figure Offer that will propel your online, service-based business into new levels of success.

What is Included in the 
6-Figure Offer?

  • Get crystal clear on the Power of the RIGHT ONE and commit to pursuing 1 path to success for an entire year.
  • ​Clarify your three levels of client attraction & identify exactly who you are called to serve at this level so you can stand out from the crowd and attract them to you and your business
  • ​Knock out the mental roadblocks and beliefs that are keeping you from walking fully into your calling and purpose so you can show up and serve your audience with confidence!
Value $597​   Included in The 6-Figure Offer

  • Learn the exact formula to craft an irresistible offer that will have your clients excited about the transformation that your offer will bring to their lives!
  • Package your skills, knowledge, experience, and Holy Spirit Superpower in a way that allows you to sell your signature service in a way that feels comfortable and organic, never forced or salesy.
Value $797​   Included in The 6-Figure Offer

  • ​Bust through the mindset blocks that are holding you back from selling your offers with ease. Your heart is to serve your clients with excellence and we want you to get out there and change the world!
  • ​Use our simple pricing strategy to price your offer in a way that sets you up to make consistent 6-figures in your business without the exhausting guess-work, expensive trial-and-error, or confusing “pivots” that happen without a clear pricing structure.
Value $797​   Included in The 6-Figure Offer

  • We know how hard it can be to start something new. That’s why we have dedicated an entire month to helping you take consistent action and holding you accountable to reach your goals.
  • Together we will walk through every step in creating your 6-figure offer that will have you ready to start making sales on repeat!
  • ​Sales page review and guidance to make sure your sales page is catchy and ready to convert!
Value $997​   Included in The 6-Figure Offer

In addition to all of the trainings above, you will also receive:
  • Weekly strategy coaching sessions where we go over the exact steps you need to be taking in real-time to reach your big goals!
  • ​Weekly Friday Feedback posts where your actions for the week are reviewed and given valuable feedback so you can make progress even faster.
  • ​Monthly goal setting and sales coaching calls  to set clear goals and keep you motivated on closing sales!
  • ​Monthly mindset coaching to continually renew your mind in the word of God
Value $2997​   Included in The 6-Figure Offer

But don’t take our word for it….
"Working with Cassie and Heather inside the Six Figure Offer allowed me to build and launch my first group coaching program in 3 months ! I could not have come as far as I have as quickly as I have without their mentorship. If you get the opportunity to work with them, just do it! It was SO worth it."
 - Maureen Spell, Creator of the Mompreneur Lab  
" I now have the tools, the confidence, and the clarity to know how to make 6-figures. You taught me how to stand in who I already am in Christ and move forward with confidence."
- Tamara White, creator of The Courageous Woman
"I had all these different pieces of my business, but no idea how to pull it together to serve multiple clients at once and put it in action. Heather and Cassie helped me focus on the one thing that was most important. I gained massive clarity around how to move forward and bring it all to life!"
 - Patti Edwards, founder of Successful Networking Marketing Women 

Are you ready to create your own 6-Figure Offer?

The Six Figure Offer Program

Takes you from exactly where you are right now...
 To building a scalable offer that is the foundation of your 6-figure business with a proven system and loads of support.

In this 4-month hybrid group coaching model, you get the best of both worlds. You will find the accountability, community, and feedback from fellow believers in business during our group coaching sessions, and you will receive the targeted, personalized support and feedback that you need for YOUR specific business through our weekly coaching calls, monthly hot seat calls and monthly goal setting sessions. 

The 6-Figure Offer Program is like having an entire team of coaches, cheerleaders, and fellow believers in business linking arms with you as you commit to growing your 6-figure business. Our past clients have made incredible progress and great friendships with like-minded business owners along the way and we want the same for you!

Upon joining you will be able to schedule your very first 6-Figure Framework Coaching Call  to get you started on your journey to 6-Figures!

Don’t be surprised if you get off that call with more clarity and excitement than you have ever had in your business to date! (We’ve had clients tell us that 1 call opened their eyes to what was really possible for their businesses for the first time!)

 This program is different than other courses as Cassie and Heather are hands on and the Offer is zeroed in on you and only you. It’s not a cookie cutter program. Backed by prayer and scripture, you know you are in good hands setting a foundation to truly step into potential that is bigger than you can even imagine. I mentioned it’s a lot of work, but very much worth the time and I truly believe I can say goodbye to the hustle that makes me crazy and focus on what I love to do.
-Kim Nordin
 Heather and Cassie provide individual feedback on your weekly work, which is what I really valued. Being able to message them with questions helped a lot! It is a lot of work, but well worth the investment of time and money. I loved the fact that they focus on how to build a business that will honor the Lord. That's really important to me.  I highly recommend working with them! They are two beautiful souls and very savvy business women. I hope to learn more from them in the future! Thank you so much Heather Dollar Cassie Kitzmiller! 
-Linda McDonnell
Here is what you unlock once you're inside the 
6-Figure Offer Program:
The complete 6-Figure Offer framework:
Your simple and step-by-step guide to building your very own scale-able 6-figure offer. Delivered across 4 months of weekly trainings, group coaching sessions, and feedback threads to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. 
($6,000 Value)
A Private Business-Building Community
Designed with your success in mind to boost your accountability and grow your confidence! Hosted in our private community off of Facebook where you will be able to partner with other women of faith on the same journey to 6-figures! This is where you will access all trainings, calls, and content without getting distracted and frustrated at all the moving parts.
 ($1,200 Value but really….priceless!)
Monthly 6-Figure Goal Setting & Sales Sessions:
To keep you motivated and moving forward! On these 30-minute calls, you’ll set your goals and intentions for the month — and be given key sales tips to achieve them. This is where we go deep into your sales questions so you can be confidently building your sales skills and continue bringing in revenue during our time together.
($500 Value)
Monthly Hot Seat Offer Creation Coaching Sessions:
Never get stuck again! What is the difference between a ho-hum course and a life-changing program? Coaching and support! During these monthly hot-seat coaching calls you will get crystal clear on exactly what you need to be bring YOUR unique offer to life & start reaching those 6-Figure numbers!
($1200 Value)
Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions:
Build your professional network and make new friends in business! Join together with fellow business-building women of faith as we pray, answer questions, address mental blocks, and get clear on the exact steps to take next in order to build your 6-Figure Framework. This is where the breakthrough happens!
 ($1200 Value)
Resources, frameworks, and guides to support you every step of the way:
The tools you need to see success! We've gone before you and made the way easier with a comprehensive 6-Figure Offer Workbook, frameworks, templates, and guides. These are the tools you will turn to time and time again as you build your 6-figure business!
($500 Value)
Support and feedback from 2 faith-based coaches:
Get the best of both worlds...Heather's mindset magic and marketing skills with Cassie's growth strategies and business brains all on your offer!  How often do you get access to 2 faith-based coaches for the price of 1?! Inside the Six Figure Offer you get support from 2 Christian business coaches along with their combined experience, feedback, and insights all dedicated to making your offer the best it can be!
 ($1500 Value)
Two Monthly Mindset calls:
Overcome lies and develop the faith and belief that will get you to 6-figures and beyond. so you can break through to the other side. Hint: it’s where all the money, freedom, impact and adventure is waiting for you! 
($800 Value)

For a total resale value of over $10,000!
(but don't worry, you won't be paying that....)

Here is what you will have access to inside the 6-Figure offer
Delivered across 4 months of weekly trainings, group coaching sessions, and feedback threads to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. 
($2,000 Value)
outside of Facebook where you will be able to access your community and find all of the trainings without getting distracted and frustrated at all the moving parts.
 ($1,200 Value but really….priceless!)
On these 30-minute calls, you’ll set your goals and intentions for the month — and be given the key mindset work you need to do to achieve them. This is where we go deep so you can break through to the other side. Hint: it’s where all the money, freedom, impact and adventure is waiting for you!
($2,500 Value)
What is the difference between a ho-hum course and a life-changing program? One-on-One coaching and support! During these monthly coaching calls you will get crystal clear on exactly what you need to be doing in YOUR unique business to start reaching those 6-Figure numbers!
($4,000 Value)
Join together with our team of fellow business-building professionals as we answer questions, address mental blocks, and get clear on the exact steps to take next in order to build your 6-Figure Framework.
 ($1200 Value)
And if that’s not enough...check out these incredible Bonuses we’re including!
A 6-Figure Framework Kick-Off Call:
Dedicated entirely to mapping out your personalized 6-Figure Business Framework. In this small-group call we start to make the impossible, possible by uncovering your unique path to a 6-figure business.
($400 Value)
the 6-Figure Foundation Bundle:
We are so serious about seeing you and your business succeed that we are giving you full access to our Signature 6-Figure Foundation Bundle where we break down how to craft your Godly vision for your business in the “Proverbs 16:9 Vision Course”, how to manage the financials in your 6-Figure Business in the “Pathway to Profit’ Course. These are the tools you need to build your business on a FIRM foundation!
($297 Value)
Money Block Breakthrough trainings with “The Heart Project” and “The 6-Figure Money Mindset”:
We know how badly you want to earn 6-figures consistently in your business, but are you ready? 
If your heart and head are saying 2 different things it will be 100x more difficult to make headway in your business. This is why we are including these 2 powerful sessions completely Free for you to get started before you start building your 6-Figure Business. A confused mind doesn’t buy, but a confused mind also doesn’t sell….we want to cut the confusion and get your heart and your head ready to make 6 figures!
($197 Value)

For a total value of OVER $12,000
(and no, you won't be paying that much either...) 

Are you ready? Book Your Complimentary Profit Breakthrough Call Now!

Commonly Asked Questions:

How much time do I need to dedicate to seeing success inside the Six Figure Offer?
While we've built this program with busy schedules in mind (we're working Mama's, we get it!), it does take putting in some work to see results. We recommend setting aside 2-3 hours per week to watch the trainings, attend the coaching call, and do the weekly activities.
Where do I need to be in my business to get results from the Six Figure Offer?
We recommend having worked with some clients/customers prior to enrolling in the Six Figure Offer for best results. If you are a coach or service provider and currently work with one-on-one clients or have an existing course/program you are looking to improve, then you are ready for the Six Figure Offer!
Do you offer a guarantee?
While we know you're going to love it inside the Six Figure Offer, we do offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you get inside the program and realize that it's not a great fit for you and your business, no worries! Simply message one of our team members and we will take care of you.
What if I miss a coaching call?
No worries! We understand that life happens. All calls are recorded and replays are loaded into the program within 24 hours. You may submit your question or feedback request in the weekly Call Thread inside the community and your question will either be answered on the call or sent to you in a personalized video from one of the coaches. (We have members who LOVE this feature as they work 9-5 jobs and can't always get away.)
Have other questions?
We're here for you! Hop on over to the free Six Figure Offer Club and send Cassie or Heather a message with your question or request a call! 

We can't wait to help you craft your Six-Figure Offer!

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